An anonymous Johannesburg man recently won R70 Million in the Powerball Draw. At first, he thought it was a scam but was thrilled to find out later he was the sole winner of the jackpot.


A Johannesburg man received quite a shock when he found out he was the sole winner of the Powerball on the 12th of January 2018. The total jackpot was a staggering R70 Million.

The man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, first thought the SMS notification from his bank, FNB, was a scam. He brushed it off and continued with his day.

“I heard two messages coming in, one after the other, so I thought, ‘Argh, it’s a please call me’. I didn’t even pay attention to it,”

It wasn’t until later that he confided in a friend and checked his numbers that he realised the SMS notification from FNB was, in fact, real and he really had won the jackpot.

“I phoned him and said, ‘Chief, you need to come.’ When he arrived, I said, ‘There’s this thing… ‘ He couldn’t believe it either. That night he called me saying he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking is it really happening. We went to the Ithuba National Lottery offices on Monday and it was confirmed,”

The man started playing the Lotto almost 18 years ago and when the FNB App started catering to online ticket purchases, he made the switch to the digital format. He bought a R240.00 ‘Quick Pick’ ticket and assumed that like every other time, if he won, it would be a normal amount.

He has compared the shock he experienced to what one would feel when arranging a funeral after the passing of a loved one.

“At first you can’t believe it. Then the funeral preoccupies you, emotionally, you haven’t dealt with it. It’s only after the funeral when everyone is gone that you begin to feel the emotion,”

The man has confirmed that he plans to keep the news of his win a secret from his family as he doesn’t want anyone to get carried away. He is excited to pay off his debts and support his three kids through school. He has a child in primary school, a teen in high school and his third is in university.

Aside from the school fees, he plans to invest most of his money and avoid splurging. The emotional news has been quite something but it is great to see so many level-headed winners coming forward and sticking to sound financial reasoning.

Sources: News24
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