While the President of South Africa continues to publicly call South Africans who are standing up against him racist, concerned citizens are also going public and their whispers are turning into shouts.


President Jacob Zuma has spent the last week publicly shaming the people of South Africa who have started standing together and against the lack of good leadership in the country.

The President continues to play the race card, even though the marches, protests and concerned citizens are South Africans from all cultures, all races, all walks of life, different political parties and different class systems.

Just this Sunday, Zuma said mounting calls by civil society groups for him to step down from office in the wake of his controversial Cabinet reshuffle were merely a defence of colonialism and black poverty in the country.


But South Africans are also making their views public… billboards have been erected around the country, business leaders are taking out full page adverts in the biggest Newspapers calling on elected officials to reverse corruption and state capture and concerned citizens have taken to social media to voice their opinions.

We took to the social media streets to gauge the current online conversation… this is what we found.

Tshepang S Ramokgadi commented: “Mr President why are you so selfish? Self centered? You are so cruel to the people of SA and it gives you pleasure to laugh at us, I am so disappointed as a vulnerable child who is coming from rural areas that you have never been in, we can’t even fight you to step down.”

Christopher John Sandham added: “You’re an uneducated thief, no moral compass. You’ve taken SA back decades racially, your own people suffer and die daily as your wealth exceeds your ability to count it. Your promises to your voters are as empty as your head. You’re just too greedy to step down. This beautiful country has had some truly despicable leaders in its history, you can now count yourself on that list as the worst president South Africa has ever had!”

Wandile Lulane said: “Mr President, please sir, refuse to step down. We the opposition enjoy your kleptocratic reign because we keep on enjoying more votes. Stay Mr President! At least until 2019… viva zuma viva!”

Yoliswa Dondolo posted: “Zuma please do an hourable thing and step down before you do worse than what you already did, you have made so many promises to this country and you failed. The only promise you fulfill is the promises that you promise the guptas. Now the whole nation is back to apartheid white verse black all because of you. All Mandela hard work of uniting us has gone to the drain. South Africans let’s stop this and be one so we can fight all this corruption if not for us let’s do it for our children.”

Fritz Sundermann added: “President Zuma … during your term thus far you have achieved extraordinary things. We are amazed at what you done for the country. You have managed to do what no other president has done. When you have retired please sit back and think about how you divided the nation, increased racial tensions, how crime inceased on your watch, how corrupt you and your ministers were, how you chose to ignore the constitution, messed up our economy, increased unemployment, messed up state owned enterprises and the list continues. Fortunately you are followed by masses who vote with their hearts and not their minds so you will most probably survive to the end of your term. Please remember one important fact about politics, in parliment your opposition sits in front of you, but your enemies sits behind you.”

Natasha Krauss said: “Jacob Zuma! You are killing a nation you so swore to protect, you are a greedy, corrupt, salfish and manipulating man with no respect for the position which you are currently sitting in!! You have lined your pockets with the money off the back of the people who voted you into power! You do not deserve such a prestigious position!! You bring humiliation, disgrace and total embarrassment for our beautiful land.
The only good you are doing, is becoming a common evil for all, uniting this nation in our desire to see you removed from Presidency. We now see that you are the cause why we are not healing but that wounds from the passed are not being allowed to heal with proper education, legal justice and love for one another!”

So as much as you are taking your rhetoric public Mr President, the rest of South Africa are too and the whispers are beginning to turn into shouts while reverberating… it’s not racial, we have a leadership crisis.

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