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Teams from various private security companies in the KZN took up the task of becoming search and rescuers; Marshall Security shared a hope-filled message.


Durban, South Africa (19 April 2022) – Private security is a massive industry in South Africa. The men and women employed at these security firms put their lives on the line to keep our homes safe and our lives protected. Several security companies based in KwaZulu-Natal shared that many of their employees spent hours trying to help people affected by the flooding.

Thousands of people have stepped up to help with search and rescue efforts in KZN. While many organisations and individuals are specially trained to undertake these rescue efforts, private security employees joined the throng of heroes to save lives.

Private security employees are trained in dealing with crime, but every once in a while, teams and individuals take up roles that go beyond crime prevention and observation. In the past, we have shared how these individuals have delivered babies or done some form of rescue. After the flooding, many of the private security companies are sharing how their employees went above and beyond to lend a helping hand and save lives.

Marshall Security, based in Durban, shared a statement about the flooding and mudslides. They confirmed in a report by IOL that many of their team members worked tirelessly to help, and while quite a few were injured, they spent the hours beyond their shifts saving lives.

The statement released by the private security company is a moving one and delivers a punch of hope needed during these trying times!

“Nine months ago Durban was on fire, and we couldn’t quite comprehend the surreality of what we were experiencing. Now, Durban is being washed away, and much of the lingering angst and devastation has returned in sheets of shocking downpour and destructive mounds of mudslides.

The shrouds of utter despondency clouding Durban suburbs in the wake of a natural disaster has been tangible, as residents helplessly watched their lives flood away, their cars float down rivers that were roads mere hours before, loved ones getting stuck, stranded, swept away.

While we take a moment to assess the damage as the day breaks and muster the courage to shoulder the weight of rebuilding, we are reminded that no man is an island, even when we find ourselves in the middle of floodwaters.

In true community spirit, calls for aid were answered. We salute every single first responder, emergency services personnel, our own dedicated members – for their unfaltering, diligent duty and bravery, putting the safety of every person they were called to assist above their own. Wading through flood waters, navigating treacherous roads, rescuing motorists, extracting trapped residents long into the night. And then neighbours lining up with shovels and buckets and mops, to start clearing the way to normality. Again.

If we learned anything from the July riots, it’s that our Durban flame will not be extinguished despite adversity, that we are a resilient people, and that we are capable of putting our lives back together, even if it doesn’t quite look the same it did before.”

Sources: iol / Marshall Security
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