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Bailey Schneider, a Smile 90.4fm radio host, shared an incredible story of how strangers on a plane helped her with her son while she was travelling solo.


Bailey Schneider took to her Facebook page to share an incredible story about her latest flight. She was flying with her ‘too-cute-for-words’ son, George. She felt anxious about the solo flight but never imagined things would turn out the way that they did.

George previously had an awful flight and Bailey was stressed out to the max trying to soothe him. Thankfully this time she encountered some truly wonderful people on the flight that offered her a helping hand. This is her amazing story.

“Today I was reminded of how wonderfully kind strangers can be. There really are Earth Angels! I was anxious to fly with George – only because my last trip was pretty traumatic with his poor ears & blood-curdling screams!”

“There was a lovely lady sitting next to us – she held him and entertained him when I really needed to get settled. It’s like they instantly had a bond! Whenever he would get niggly or have a little cry, others around me suddenly played peek-a-boo and tears were replaced with giggles.”

“The air hostess helped me distract him, while I changed George – who wriggles and rolls (it’s a workout trying to get a nappy on and off these days)…. 20 mins before descent, an Angel of a woman across the aisle from me, took him, stroked his forehead and like magic, he was fast asleep. He slept through it all – no ear problems at all and I am just so grateful to every stranger who was so good and kind to us!”

“Kindness is the most beautiful thing!”

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