restaurant pays exhausted mom bill

An exhausted mom and dad took a break for lunch. When they asked for their lunch bill they were surprised to see it had already been paid, by the owner!


Thashlene Govender and husband, Veelan, spent the day shopping at the Galleria mall near Amanzimtoti‚ the couple needed a serious break as they had been carrying their 2 month old daughter around in their arms all day. They settled down at a table in Mimmos and began to relax a little however Thashlene was unable to put her daughter down as they had forgotten the pram at home.

“By then we were pretty tired as we’d been shopping with her in our arms‚”

The couple ordered their meals, an Alfredo pasta each. Thashlene ate her entire meal with her little baby held firmly with her arm. The Owner of Mimmos noticed her struggle and decided a good deed was all that was needed. Once the couple had finished their meals they asked their waiter for the bill.

The couple were completely surprised to see that there was a note scribbled on their bill saying that the owner had paid the bill and thanking them for supporting the restaurant.

“We asked to speak to the owner‚ and a woman in the same uniform as the waiters‚ who we’d seen making pizza and clearing tables‚ came over and told us they did it because there aren’t enough good deeds in the world.”

The Mimmos is owned by Stefano and Cinnuel Tavares, they said,

“It was just a spur-of-the-moment decision to give a little pleasure‚ We could see the woman was battling to eat with the small baby‚ and we just thought we’d make her day better‚”

exhausted mom mimmos

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Sources: Sowetan Live

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  1. Now it is time for the good people of Durban to go and eat there. Even just for once as a pay forward for the kindness already shown.

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