Together they conquered what many people thought was absolutely impossible, but now they face one of their biggest feats yet- MARRIAGE.

Riaan finally popped the question after 17 years together, and they will tie the knot at a beautiful venue in Cape Town, tomorrow.

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The best part? Their honeymoon.

What else could you expect from the exploration couple Riaan Manser & Vasti Geldenhuys?

In 2013, Vasti asked Riaan to take her to New York, he agreed- but they would row there.

They took on the mighty Atlantic Ocean. 2 world firsts (The first woman from the African continent to row across any ocean, and together they became the first ever in history to row from Africa to mainland North America) 10 765km of torturous ocean, and 6 months later they arrived at the statue of liberty. This adventure for them was so testing on their relationship, and of course they had their little disagreements.

“The longest we didn’t speak to each other was two and a half days, thats two and a half days of sitting with each other and saying nothing” laughs Riaan, “she thought silent treatment was punishment.”

The thought of a traditional, champagne breakfast & massage honeymoon did not spark Riaan or Vasti’s interest.

The conventional picket fence life is not for them, they will however, be moving in together… into their 2-metre cabin, shoulder to shoulder with no one else around them for thousands of kilometres, in the Pacific Ocean.

“Its not that dramatic” says Riaan, “we’re just going on honeymoon.”

They will climb on to their ocean rowing boat, this time a boat aptly named “Honeymoon” and they will literally go on Honeymoon, on “Honeymoon”.


From California to Hawaii, they will set off on what they believe to be the most romantic honeymoon yet.

As per the last expedition, they will once again burn a huge amount of calories per day, often in excess of 8000kcal per day, they will replenish their energy with high calorie freeze dried foods, and will obviously get their fishing lines in the water, Vasti says she will definitely be taking salt & pepper with this time.

As for fresh drinking water, they will rely on their Shenker desalinator, which miraculously turns the salty ocean water into pure drinking water. With regards to ablution facilities, well they have a trusty bucket just to add to all the romance.


On the technical side of the expedition the boat has been equipped with a Ray Marine chart/map plotter, which indicates the boats exact & current position, an integrated weather station & communications VHF radio.

Solar power will be the entire power supply to the electronic equipment. To stay in touch with people back home, the pair will have a satellite phone on board, as well as a Yellowbrick satellite tracking device that will allow the public & media to follow their progress.

The soon-to-be-Mansers will complete this expedition with no support crew. Just the two of them, their determination, combined knowledge & absolute unconditional love for each other. Lets not forget about the brand new marriage certificate.

“This journey will test the newlyweds like no other, mentally & physically. From blistered, rower’s claw, and severed posteriors, to the 2-metre box of living space they have to share when fatigue and emotions boil over.”


“We are doing this so we one day have amazing stories to tell our children & grandchildren” says Riaan, “We are planning for this trip to be a romantic one.” says Riaan when asked about having children in the future. 

Why row to Hawaii for your honeymoon you may ask?

“Imagine going to the furthest place on the planet from home? For South Africa that is the famous Hawaiian Islands! We wanted to travel to the antipode of South Africa. We would never have dreamed that in a million years.” says Riaan

Scan 2This story has completely captured the hearts of people around the world, it is a love story like no other 7 we are so delighted to watch them conquer their next adventure! We are so in awe of Riaan & Vasti’s determination, and love for each other. We wish you a safe, romantic & amazing honeymoon!

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