the robin hood foundation

The Robin Hood Foundation is responsible for a handful of different charity events, bettering the lives of the young and old.


The foundation was started 12 years ago by Cindy Norcott, the goal:

“To mobilise resources from business and individuals in our community and put them directly into the hands of the less fortunate into our community”

The foundation focus’s its efforts on members of the community that are more vulnerable than others especially,

“forgotten Grannies and Grandpas, poor Gogos and Mkulu’s and needy mums and children in disadvantaged communities”

There are four main projects run by the foundation. A programme called “Gogo Bags”, which provides a weeks worth of non-perishable foods to Gogo’s still supporting their families while on the low pension provided by the government. These bags are distributed within the community on a monthly basis.

The next programme called “Love the babies”, which is a bag filled with preloved baby clothes, toiletries and other essential baby goodies for needy moms with new-born babies. These bags are distributed monthly at the local Government hospital.

Bless a Granny or Grandpa was started to help with the forgotten elderly. The programme started out as way to visit and gift the Elderly on Christmas, Valentines, Mothers and Fathers Day but due to the demand this programme has also become a monthly one. The gifts are filled with toiletries, treats and sweets.

“This project has expanded over the years to almost monthly visits to various old age homes to spend a bit of time investing in these elderly ladies and gentleman, reminding them they are thought of and spreading a bit of love and joy.”

The Child Headed Household project is the biggest project of all. The children are given food packs, clothing and stationary. They are taken for breakfast at the start of each new school term,

“Our goal is to treat each child to a wonderful few hours of play, interaction and a meal and then be sent home with a Gogo bag filled with non-perishable foods, blanket and towel as well as most importantly, a brand new school uniform – top to toe – stationery, lunch boxes, juices bottles etc; everything they’d need to start off their new term.”

“For these children, almost every day is a struggle so imagine their joy in receiving a brand new school uniform and stationery to start off their new term at school.”

The breakfast allows them to feel like children, to play around with others like them, get their faces painted and to be cared for.

In November 2016 the foundation hosted a “Choose Your Shoes Festival” for over 1000 orphaned children. The children were allowed to choose two pairs of casual footwear and given a brand new pair of school shoes for the 2017 school year.

The foundation plans to focus on Early Childhood development in 2017. Founder Cindy Norcott said,

“We believe that education is the main key to eradicating poverty and we would like to focus a large amount of attention on Early Childhood Development in 2017 as this is the most important area to get the foundations right for small children to be able to learn and grow to their full potential.”

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Sources: Robin Hood Fund / YouTube

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