Bronwen Du Preez and her husband gave their son the ultimate Christmas gift, the gift of colourful sight. The family saved to buy a pair of EnChroma glasses that help the colourblind see true colour.


Bronwen and her husband bought their son, Christopher Jonathan (aka CJ), a pair of EnChroma glasses. The glasses are designed to help people with certain types of colour blindness. They allow the wearer to see things in true colour versus the hues and shades they usually see them in.

After facing teasing and frustration in learning the colours, Bronwen started homeschooling her son to help make a difference in his learning experience. She did an online test with CJ and it was determined that he has a Protan-type colour vision deficiency. This is a type of red-green color blindness where the red cones in the eye do not detect enough red light, but instead respond more to green light.

“My son cries daily because he can’t tell the difference between certain colours, he sees the world in a dull almost one coloured way.”

“I researched how I could help him identify colours correctly and one way was to place a very bright colour in front of a black surface alone without any other colours and that way he was able to learn”

The family started a page a while back to raise funds for the glasses because in Rands, they are astronimically expensive. The goal was to buy them for his Christmas gift and it worked. They managed to get the glasses for him and filmed his first reactions to wearing them.

Watch the emotional video below or scrub to 3:15 to the overwhelming moment.

CJ's Christmas wish finally came true today….. Warning: This video may just make you cry, so get your tissues ready. Thank you to Martin & Susan Kemp Taljaard, Oupa & Chrissie Kemp Du Preez, Thelma Standring Keane, Theo Du Preez, Felicity & Britney…. you are all angels sent from God. Thank you once again and I am going to keep running this page so that we can get CJ indoor glasses too and then to help others who wish to see the world in colour too. Thank you again for my little boys miraclešŸ˜ŽšŸ¤“šŸ•† #enchroma

Posted by Help CJ See The World In Colour on Monday, 25 December 2017

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