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A UK rugby coach found an SD card at the Cape Town International airport, on it was a family’s holiday pictures from South Africa, so he tracked them down using Twitter.


Holiday photos are just the best, they take us back to that moment, allowing us to briefly relive that relaxation and freedom. Imagine you accidentally lost all your photos? That is exactly what happened to a Belguim family after their holiday in South Africa.

Luckily Sam Beckett, a school rugby coach, found their SD card laying on the floor at the passport control in Cape Town International Airport. He was heading back to the UK with the boys from the school rugby tour when he spotted it.

When Sam got through passport control, he put the SD card into his computer and saw that it contained holiday pictures. That led to a 20 minute search of the airport to see if they could spot the family. Refusing to give up, Sam looked through the pictures in the hopes that they would contain a clue. They did!

“A breakthrough! We saw the name of a safari lodge, the Simbavati River Lodge and the date the photo was taken, 3rd August. Cue a Twitter message and e-mail to the River Lodge.”

The schools twitter contacted the Safari Lodge and explained that they had found the SD card and wanted to return it to the family. The lodge went on the search for the family’s information and eventually, they struck gold!

The family got in contact with Sam via email. They thanked him for his efforts and discussed how they could get the images back. Everything was smoothed out and a solution was found.

“Apparently you are the one who miraculously found that card! We still can’t believe that is has been found and are so grateful that you took the effort to contact Simbavati” – The Family

This is such a good news story! We love that, thanks to the power of the internet, a family has received something irreplaceable back.

Sources: Traveller24
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