Kind strangers helped this woman get her beloved rescued ‘fur-baby’ to South Africa

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Philippa Gee had resigned from her job in Thailand and made plans to return home to South Africa but her plans all changed when she met Charlie, her “fur baby”.


Philippa Gee was all ready to return home to South Africa after working in Thailand. One day she spotted a tiny little puppy in a parking lot, thinking it was a mole, she approached cautiously and saw that it was hardly old enough to be alone.

She took the puppy home and hand raised it. Naming him Charlie, Philippa bonded with him and couldn’t bear the thought of moving back to South Africa without him.

“I came across Charlie in the pouring rain at the beginning of December (two weeks after handing in my resignation.) He was huddled under a car in a parking lot; his eyes were still closed and he was so small that I thought he was a little mole.”

“The next few weeks included bottle feeding, night shifts, bonding and feeling like proud mamma-witnessing his eyes open, his legs strengthen and cheering him on as his personality developed into the feisty, curious, and intelligent pup he is today.”

Distraught by the idea of leaving Charlie behind, she made plans to take him home with her. Unawares to Philippa, the process of relocating a dog to another country is very expensive and takes a lot of work. Philippa learned all the details and decided to try her luck at crowdfunding the money to get Charlie home.

“When I committed to taking Charlie home, I genuinely (and a bit naively) thought it would be an easy process. I figured I could fly him as extra baggage and that would be it. Plot twist: Little Charlie costs a lot more than extra baggage.”

Philippa was quoted over R30,000.00 to get Charlie back to South Africa. Many people would think that is a ridiculous amount and would rather just rehome the dog… not Philippa!

“For anyone who has ever had a furry friend, the reason I am doing this is obvious: unconditional love. I watched him open his eyes and learn to walk, all while dreaming about the endless adventures we’d have together for the rest of his life. I may not be able to bear the financial responsibility on my own, but I have more than enough love to give him the best doggy life.”

“If you’ve ever had a pet then you know where I am coming from – and know how strong the bond and love are. Imagine the sadness and hurt both you and your beloved animal would feel if you were forced to leave each other. That is how I’m currently feeling at the thought of losing Charlie, and I don’t know where else to turn except to the kindness of others”

The crowdfund was extremely successful and Philippa managed to raise over $3,000.00 with 8 days left on the campaign. Thanks to 51 backers, Charlie will be heading home to South Africa with his mom. Philippa must be over the moon that her “fur baby” can return home with her.

We wish the pair a happy life together.

Sources: GoGetFunding
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