Rhino Ride

Matt Meyer has been towing a life sized Rhino across the West Coast of America to raise awareness and funds to fight poaching in South Africa and Africa!


What would you do if you saw a man towing a Rhino using a bicycle? We would definitely do a double take to make sure what we saw was real! Then we would take photo’s or share the story with someone else, starting a conversation!

Matt Meyer decided that to get the conversation going and to raise awareness about the tragedy of poaching he would cycle from Canada to Mexico towing a life-like Rhino behind him!

“I have been a full time safari guide my entire professional life. My job has taken me to many of the major parks throughout multiple countries in Southern Africa and I have witnessed the devastating decline of the rhino population over the past few years.”

“I know that if nothing is done about this soon, the wild rhino will be extinct in the next decade. I am only one person, but feel I can begin to change the course of this devastation.”

“Nelson Mandela moved mountains and changed the world with his “Long Walk To Freedom”. This is why I named my quest “The Long Ride To Free Them”.

He called it the Rhino Ride and has taken the challenge up to raise as much money as possible for 3 Rhino beneficiaries in South Africa, Botswana and Kenya.

Many people have asked questions like, why a life sized Rhino? or why the West Coast of America? According to the website these are all the reasons you need to read!

We wanted to have a symbol that would make the animal more tangible to people thousands of miles away from where the rhinos live. 

The west coast of the United States is home to some of the most intense illicit wildlife trade in the US. It is also home to a huge population.

Matt recently shared a video showing the first 500 miles of his trip. He also uploads a daily log after each cycle which you can watch here.

Matt then shared a video of all the uphill struggles he has faced towing his very large Rhino!

Sources: Rhino Ride
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