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A woman received a phone call a month after misplacing her shopping, from a stranger who had been looking for her, to return her missing bag.


Delmarie Seaward lost one of her shopping bags a little over a month ago while rushing to get out of Sandton City and back home. She had spent the day shopping but had accidentally left one of the parcels hanging at the back of the trolley.

“After I got home we realized this and we phoned Sandton City immediately to see if somebody handed it in or found it… nothing.”

A month went by and Seaward had resigned to the fact that her parcel, and what she had purchased must have been taken by an opportunistic person who had found the trolley.

Then yesterday, her phone rang and a stranger by the name of Lucky restored her faith in humanity and reminded us all that we can be better.

Lucky is actually from Hillbrow and was in Sandton City on the exact same day… a month ago. He had found the trolley and the parcel and had kept it with him until he could find the rightful owner.

He had spent the month trying different avenues to track the owner down and then in a final attempt, made a trip back to Sandton City to hopefully get the details of the shopper from the store where the goods had been bought.

The store gladly assisted and used the slip in the parcel to track the shopper down. Thats when Seaward received the call!

“We met Lucky today – he returned our parcel that we thought we lost.”

“For me that was kind of magical.”

Lucky also didn’t want anything in return, and wouldn’t accept a ‘reward’ for his good efforts so Seaward asked what he does for a living and is now using her social platforms and networks to get him more business.

“Lucky is a gardener that is in need of some work – I do not have a garden as I live in an apartment but if anybody can give him an opportunity please inbox me so I can put you in contact with him.”

If you would like to connect with Seaward or Lucky… click here.

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