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A stray dog crept into the hearts of everyone at the SPCA but she contracted ‘Kennel Cough’. Saddened by the loss, the Sandton SPCA started raising funds for a specialised Quarantine Kennel.


Lacey was a brown crossbreed stray found wandering the streets. She was taken to the Craighall Veterinary Hospital and treated for a variety of medical ailments. Once stabilised, she was collected by the Sandton SPCA.

By-Laws in Johannesburg stipulate that all strays need to be collected and housed at an SPCA pound until they are rehomed. This is where Lacey was taken after her treatment.

“Within a few days, her big heart and gentle, goofy personality started to shine through and was so grateful for any attention given to her. There was something special about Lacey and everyone immediately fell in love with her!”

Lacey made everyone smile and her personality shone through her circumstances. However, her health took a turn when she was diagnosed with Kennel Cough. Due to the disease being highly contagious, Lacey was euthanised to avoid the spread of the disease throughout the kennel.

“While Kennel Cough is a minor and very easily treatable disease, it is a disaster in kennels with hundreds of dogs. Kennel Cough is highly contagious and spreads like wild fire.”

“It will be highly irresponsible of the SPCA to keep an animal with a contagious disease amongst others healthy animals. The sad reality is that without quarantine facilities the only other alternative is euthanasia to avoid spreading the contagious diseases.”

The SPCA felt the loss of Lacey, deeply. They became inspired by this sad moment and launched a campaign to build a quarantine facility. The facility would mean that animals infected with contagious diseases could also be saved instead of being euthanised. They have called it the Lacey Project and it is being done in her honour.

The Sandton SPCA have reached out to the public for assistance and already, people have stepped up to help. Donors can donate a sum of money or purchase a brick to help build the new facility.

To find out how to get involved, check out their crowdfunding page on BackaBuddy here.

Lacey SPCA

Sources: BackaBuddy
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