South African who saved a street dog in Thailand, is doing everything to bring him home!

There are millions of unwanted and unloved animals across the globe so when a person connects with one, such as a street dog, they will do anything to keep them safe.


Thailand – Aimée Zermatten has been living in Thailand for the last two years working as an English teacher and because of her nature, while there, she fell in love with a street dog she named Ron. She took him in and nursed him back to health.

Before meeting Ron and moving away, she worked for the Irwin Animal Rescue and then the Pug Rescue South Africa. She then joined a non-profit working to protect strays in Thailand. That was when she found Ron, who at the time was a tiny puppy.

She took him in so he could be sterilised and he stayed with her while he recovered. When it came time to return him to his pack, Aimée learned that the construction site where she found Ron was employing illegal immegrants from Cambodia and that the men had been roumered to be eating dog meat. She refused to return Ron to that environment.

Instead, she started fostering him until a home could be found. He had a few behavioural issues that he had picked up in the pack, meaning his time with Aimée was longer than intended and a bond was formed. Soon they became inseperable and the rest is history.

Aimée now has to move home back to South Africa, and the thought of leaving Ron behind is unimaginable. Aimée started saving every cent she could about a year ago to pay for him to come back to South Africa, but the cost is much higher than she could ever afford alone.

She set up a crowdfund to help cover the costs and has until the 8th of August when her visa expires, to get him back home to South Africa. She needs to raise just under R50,000 for all the costs which include quarantine.

“How could I ever put into words how much he means to me.

My head is a mess with all the planning for him to get home… But then he cuddles me and I forget that there is even a world out there.”

She has started ticking things off the list, on the 16th of July Ron had all his required blood tests. They travelled 4-hours one way to get them done.

A number of you, our readers, have been inspired by the story with many sending us Ron and Aimée’s crowdfunding page as well as tagging us in updates about their progress. We too, have been inspired by Aimée’s love and dedication to Ron. He is no longer a street dog; he is now a beloved pet and part of the family.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

If you would like to help her get Ron safely back home to South Africa, you can find her fund information here or donate directly to the fund via GoGetFunding here.

Aimée has been so thankful to every person who has shared her story but was moved to tears when she received a message from a teacher in South Africa who had seen her plight online. The teacher, named Leani, shared the story with her students and they all gave a little of what they had to help Aimée and Ron.

“I cried today. I cried yesterday, and I have been crying every day since I have started the fundraiser to get Ron home.

They are tears of overwhelming gratitude for the kindness I have been shown from people who have never even met myself or Ron.

Today I cried most, when Leanie sent through these pictures of a jar.

The donations in this jar are from high school students (most of which are underprivileged) The donations in this jar are from young adults that chose to donate their money to some girl in Thailand who just really loves her dog. They have never met me and have many other priorities in their lives which their money could go towards but, they chose to share their money with me to get my boy home.

I don’t know where to begin to show my gratitude for the kindness we have received, but I promise to visit these students with Ron to be able to thank them in person.”

Aimée has vowed to pay all this kindness forward as soon as she and Ron are back home.

“I will pay all the kindness and support I have received forward, I don’t know how just yet, but both Ron and myself will be doing whatever we can to make sure we paw it forward.”

Sources: Supplied / Good Things Guy Interview
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