Security Guard saved police officer

Security guard Aaron Mngadi performed life saving CPR on police officer Johan Lombard who was suffering from a heart attack. The two met again a week later as friends!


Johan Lombard, a police officer from Amanzimtoti started his day just like every other, only this day he was suffering from a bit of heartburn. His wife said he was perspiring a fair bit but once he took an antacid his heartburn went away and he drove to work.

While on the way to work, Johan started experiencing severe chest pains. He got to the station and went to reception for help.

“I was helped into reception and someone called my boss, Col SK Govender, who drove me to the hospital,” – Johan

He was rushed to the local hospital and while in the undercover parking lot they met security guard Aaron Mngadi. Aaron had a golf cart and got Johan and his boss into it and rushed them towards the Emergency ward.

“The last thing I remember was getting on that golf cart,” – Johan

Aaron has been working at the hospital for the last 5 years. He didn’t know that Johan was having a heart attack, he was conscious and talking but Aaron held onto him as he drove towards the hospital. All of a sudden Johan slumped down onto Aaron, he stopped the golf cart and performed early CPR until a male nurse arrived to assist.

Johan spent a week in the hospital but thanks to Aaron’s quick action his life was saved. Aaron took a CPR course about 4 years ago, he was glad he remained calm.

“This is the first time I have saved someone. I was a bit nervous, as it was someone’s life but I stayed calm and remembered my training,” – Aaron 

Johan and Aaron were re-introduced to each other on the 3rd of April. Johan was very grateful for everything that Aaron did for him.

“Aaron, my friend, thank you very much,” – Johan

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Sources: South Coast Sun

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