A Durbanite decided to share a moment with a stranger which has completely changed both their lives.

Tristan Kock sent us this amazing story about his random act of kindness.

He stopped at his local petrol station & decided to speak to a homeless person who had seen often but never approached.

He’s hoping his post will inspire others to share love & kindness with each other, read his story below…

Tristan Kock

Whenever I pop past the petrol station near my house, I always see this young man sitting outside with not even a blanket to his name.

Nobody even acknowledges that he exists.

Tonight I went up and spoke to him, he was very shy. He told me that nobody ever speaks to him. I asked him what he had had for dinner, he told me that he hadn’t eaten a proper meal since yesterday.

So I decided to take him on a little shopping spree. We went inside of the Garage and I gave him a basket. I told him to pile up the basket with whatever his heart desires. I’ve never seen such happiness in my life.

He was absolutely shocked.

At then end of it all he asked me why I did this.

I told him it was because I care. We are all in this together, God has blessed me with more than I could ever ask for.

If any of you see someone out there in need, help them out. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are. Together we can make a difference. #SouthAfricaMustRise #RAK16

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