Sizwe Nzima

Sizwe Nzima started out by delivering chronic medicine to the people in his community. From that he has grown his business to serve over 1000 people!


Sizwe Nzima started his business in 2013, his first customer was his grandmother! He created a bicycle delivery service that collected chronic medication from public health facilities and delivered it directly to people’s homes. We covered this inspiring story in 2015!

Since then Sizwe has turned his business into a massive success! He now services over 1000 members of the Khayelitsha community and has created full time employment for 5 other people!

The small delivery service has blossomed into a fully fledged specialist health logistics company! The company now goes by the name Iyeza Health and it aims to link it’s health logistics services with doctors, clinics and hospitals, as well as patients, to offer accessible alternatives to the current “status quo” in the pharmacy distribution and supply chain.

The hope is to offer so much more to the communities and create different branches to go under the Iyeza Health umbrella.

We intend to transform it into a fully licensed specialised courier pharmacy company.

We intend to develop useful clinical mobile applications to improve health management in poor communities.

We also want to improve access to self-testing diagnostics devices that encourage screening and early detection of disease in community health settings.

Sizwe has come a long way since he started his company, his future just gets brighter and brighter with every step he takes!

Watch how it all started below,

Sources: YouTube / Iyezahealth
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