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In a heartbreaking moment, Ryno and Michelle Slabber were involved in a tragic accident which took the lives of their children and left them both in separate government hospitals but South Africa and the internet are pulling together to help the couple in their time of need.


Ryno and Michelle Slabber were travelling with their two kids when disaster struck and they were involved in a tragic car accident. Sadly the accident proved to be fatal for their two children while Ryno and Michelle were rushed off to separate hospitals.

The Slabber family were torn apart in a matter of seconds. Knowing what would be needed to help get Ryno and Michelle back on their feet, David Ripsold set up a BackaBuddy to help cover their funds.

David explained on the funding page that,

“Last Sunday every parent’s worst nightmare became a reality for Ryno and Michelle Slabber.”

“They were involved in a serious accident while traveling with their two children. Ryno and Michelle were rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries. While in critical care they received the devastating news that both their young children, Kendre’ and Mia, had not survived the accident.”

“No person should ever have to hear those words.”

“Ryno and Michelle have serious injuries that will take months to heal, not to mention the emotional trauma. Currently they are in two separate hospitals. Friends and family are desperate for them to be together as soon as possible. They need each other in order to heal, and somehow deal with the overwhelming grief that they are experiencing as parents. They have many months of medical procedures and rehab ahead of them which is estimated to cost in the region of R700k.”

“Ryno has been a mentor for unprivileged kids and gives so much of his time and energy to those less fortunate than himself. He would do the same, if not more, for anyone else in this position. Michelle is an amazing kindergarden teacher that has positively influenced so many children and their families over the years.

“Please help us to try and get our friends lives back on track by donating towards their recovery.”

David set the goal for their fundraising at 700k and already people from all over the world have been making donations to help them out.

In a matter of hours they have already reached over R40,000.00 and it will keep growing as their story gets shared across South Africa and the rest of the globe.

To help the Slubber family, with a donation as small R20, visit the funding page here. And please keep sharing their story.

Slabber Family

Sources: BackaBuddy
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