Rowing Cape2Rio

Braam and Wayne are rowing the Cape2Rio which is a distance of 7245km. They are doing this to raise awareness about ‘Doing One Thing’ for the planet.


Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson are rowing the Cape2Rio route, that’s a massive feat considering that the Cape to Rio Yacht race is considered one of the toughest in the world.

They will make this formidable transatlantic crossing in a 6,8 metre long and 1,8 metre wide vessel, rowing in 2 hour shifts 24/7 over an estimated 3 months.

To date the duo have rowed a total of 5421km’s so far, that’s a total of 57 days so far with an estimated 33 days to go to complete the final 1824km’s.

They are doing the row without any support or assistance. They hope to inspire people to ‘Do One Thing’ for the good of the planet. Braam and Wayne are doing the row to raise awareness for the ‘DOT Challenge’ which is the challenge we must each undertake and ‘Do One Thing’ to better the earth.

There is an App available that is helping track everyone’s completed challenges. We are about to share a separate post detailing the App and exactly how it will help each of us do one thing for the planet.

The duo have been answering questions within their daily logs, here is a pretty inspiring one,

Q: How do you handle being in pain day after day?
A: It has been said ‘pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever’. If I didn’t have a purpose beyond just ego, I would have given up ages ago. Success is one thing, significance is something entirely different. Blistered hands and aching muscles will be long-gone but perhaps I have effected some small change in others for the greater good?


Continue to follow Braam and Waynes progress via the DOT Challenge App or via the website. Good Luck guys! South Africa is here supporting you.

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