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Some of the SPCA branches are in serious financial crisis due to lack of funds but South Africans are pulling together to change the outcome!


A Facebook post was being shared rapidly yesterday stating that the Germiston and Amanzimtoti SPCA branches were closing down due to lack of funding.

GoodThingsGuy reported on the posts but were quickly alerted that they were not factual. The branches may be in a dire financial crisis but they are not closing down.

The SPCA relies on funding from local communities, it collects strays and carries the medical costs. No animal is ever turned away! They also rely on the adoption fees generated when people adopt their animals, which is why the ‘adopt don’t shop’ mentality is so important!

The Germiston SPCA reported on their website that they require assistance paying off their massive vet bills and because of the post many people have donated to try and help them decrease the debts owing to their local vets.

“We are unfortunately a very small SPCA with no in house vet and therefore. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to the vets in the area namely Witfield Animal Clinic, Germiston Animal Hospital, Bedfordview vet, Lambton vet and Kloof Road vet for their help in sterilising our animals and thereby helping us keep our adoption fees as low as possible and making it possible for us to home more animals.” – Germiston 

The suburbs surrounding the branch are mostly poor so it makes fundraising very tough. To help the Germiston SPCA you can donate directly to one of the Vets they use, see info here.

The same crisis has hit the Amanzimtoti SPCA, thankfully they have had a massive influx of donations since the announcement!

“We were blown away!! We have received 81 donations so far, and even just that is absolutely incredible! We would like to thank every single one of those 81 people, and everyone who is still going to get involved. And a special thank you to everyone who donated more than R30, some of you, A LOT more than R30! We really really appreciate it!” – Amanzimtoti 

There is a long road ahead but South Africans are great at pulling together and already people are showing their best sides by helping these two branches survive! So while the Facebook post wasn’t true it helped an organisation that really needed it!

We should all help our local shelters, you can do so by donating food, funds and even your personal time. Let’s keep working together South Africa, and make good things happen!

Sources: Germiston SPCA / Amanzimtoti SPCA
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  1. Hi there. I understand that this is not true and I’m not sure where the money is going that is being donated

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