South Africa’s Miracle child Pippie got to attend her hero surgeons wedding


Pippie is South Africa’s miracle child. She sustained burns to over 80% of her body when she was just 3-years old. With a 3% chance of survival, Dr Ridwan Mia became her hero. Recently he got married and Pippie was right there with him.


The story of Pippie is a terrifying one but also one filled with so much hope. When she was just three years old, a bottle of firelighter gel exploded and covered over 80% of her body in burns.

The family rushed her to the hospital where she was given a 3% chance of surviving. Refusing to accept these odds, Pippie’s mother sought out a different doctor and found Dr Ridwan Mia. Little did she know at the time that Dr Mia would become the families, ultimate hero.

Seeking a solution for skin grafts was a massive task. Her mother found a programme overseas that grew cloned skin from healthy cells. While they waited for Pippie’s new skin, she died a total of 17 times and was brought back. As soon as the skin arrived Dr Mia got to work and covered her entire body. The surgery was revolutionary and a first for South Africa.

Pippie is now 8-years old and thriving. Dr Mia has also done well and got engaged to the love of his life. When the happy couple started planning the wedding, there was no doubt in Dr Mia’s mind that Pippie had to be there with him on his big day.

“She had a special dress made and she even made me dress her teddy bear in stockings and put a bow in his hair. People made a fuss of her and although she is on a diet, I allowed her to have some of the wonderful food and pastries,” – Anice Kruger

Watch Anice Krugers TEDx Talk about the entire experience below. Please be advised the video contains images of a sensitive nature and can be upsetting.

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