​Three youngsters walked from their village all the way to the SPCA in Louis Trichardt to have their puppies checked-up on; the story will warm your heart.


Louis Trichardt, Limpopo – The Louis Trichardt SPCA shared a heartwarming story about three youngsters who went above and beyond to get their puppies checked out. They were worried something was wrong and wanted to get help.

“Four weeks ago these three boys arrived at our SPCA, very concerned about their one puppy. They had walked all the way to our SPCA from a nearby village, carrying their beloved pooches all the way!

At first glance, both pups looked fine, but they said the pup was not eating and had some diarrhea. Obviously, our first thoughts were – PARVOVIRUS!!!”

The medical team ran tests and found that the puppy did have Parvo, although it was caught very early on. They were impressed by how observant the youngsters had been. Knowing the second puppy would be at risk, they decided to keep both puppies for treatment and observation.

“A quick test confirmed our concerns, but we were extremely happy that they had noticed the symptoms so quickly and acted immediately! It was also a sign that they really know their dogs well and really care about them!”

“We explained to them exactly what was wrong with their pup and that it is a deadly virus. We convinced them to leave both pups in our care and our State Vet started treatment immediately.

The boys knew that we could not guarantee that they would make it, but we would try our utmost.
We decided to keep both pups as the chances that the second pup would fall ill, was basically a guarantee and well it would be less stressful for the other pup to have a companion.”

According to the SPCA, the youngsters made the walk back to their branch every week to visit the puppies.

“The boys came to visit their dogs every week, walking all the way from the village, hopeful that it would be the day that their pups would be able to go home with them.

It honestly was touch and go for a while and once the first pup started getting better, the second pup started showing symptoms. Again we started treatment immediately and miraculously both pulled through.

We kept them an extra week for observation and to fatten them up with some good nutritious food. The one pup was literately skin and bone after the whole ordeal.”

The young lads finally got their puppies back along with a lift home so they didn’t have to walk all the way.

“Our inspector, Lawrence Khodobo, educated them on the importance of vaccinating pets, de-worming, and general caring for them. Lawrence then drove them home, to spare them the long walk carrying their precious pooches. When they arrived home, the pups were elated to be back, as were the boys!

Lawrence spotted a 1.7kg bag of dog food and was surprised as not many can afford this luxury, most dogs in villages are fed scraps or ‘pap’. He asked the boys where it came from and they explained that every month they save their pocket money to buy their dogs food!

We are so happy that these boys care so much for their animals and went out of their way to get help before it was too late!”

The SPCA thanked their state vet Dr van Tonder and Grietjie Smith, for taking care of the puppies during their treatment and recovery. The SPCA was also able to donate additional food thanks to a donation from Royal Canin.

“We often do outreaches to Tshikota and we will most definitely be looking in on these two precious pups and their caring humans!”

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