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A Joburg man stopped while crossing a bridge late at night to help another man who had lost the will to live.


Spencer Kitson found Isak late last night (30 July 2017) on the Grosvener bridge in Douglasdale. Realising that something was very wrong, he pulled over, jumped out and approached him to see if everything was alright.

“As I approached I could see he was well dressed but drowning in despair “hey man, are you alright?”, there was no reply.”

By this time, a taxi driver also pulled over and had begun crossing the road, he also proceeded to talk to the guy, of which still no response.

Kitson leant over to him and told him that what ever he was going through, is really not worth him jumping, he finally heard him mumble what he presumed to be his name “Isak”, he said, so without letting the conversation momentum reduce back to nothing, he asked “what brings you here?”

“Turns out he has been unable to get a job for 2 years and due to having a daughter, he feels worthless, valueless, unsupportive towards is daughter and as he felt the all problems stem from him, he would be easier if he was “removed from the equation” as he put it.”

Kitson coaxed him to sit down for them to at least continue the discussion away from the risk of him making a sudden leap. The taxi driver was still there and was trying to push R20 into Isak’s hand of which Isak refused.

After chatting to a more responsive Isak, Kitson picked up that he was well educated, well spoken, passionate and just desperate for any opportunity that would allow for him to have any chance to progress in life.

“I helped Isak onto his feet and offered for him to come to my house for dinner, of which he is a flood of tears accepted.”

After arriving at Kitson’s home, he sat down with Isak to find out more about him and potentially try inspire him. To remind him that whatever he was going through, was not worth dying regardless of any circumstances.

“Isak is a genuine guy that’s stuck in a bad position, he is absolutely desperate for any work so that he can support his daughter.”

Kitson has since taken to social media to appeal to anyone who might be able to assist him in getting Isak back on his feet and the response has been phenomenal.

“He has worked in a school environment and administration positions but is desperate for any job preferably around the Douglasdale bryanston area, even if it requires him to work for free for the first little bit, he reads a lot and has no problem learning new skills quickly, (this is found out after I taught him to play PlayStation, of which he proceeded to beat after only a few rounds – zero to hero) and is incredible with animals (my pitbull and bull terrier were absolutely gaga with him).”

He posted the story earlier this morning on his Facebook and the response from Kitsons friends and followers has been nothing short of amazing.

If you can assist Isak or Spencer in any way, please send an email to Spencer.kitson@yahoo.com.

Since posting this story, we have received a very positive update in Isak. See his progress here.

Sources: Facebook
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  1. What a wonderful, inspiring story. What a great way to start a week. We can still be the world’s rainbow nation, we must just look and find the good in each other.

  2. I am in tears but also wonderfully excited and inspired after reading this truly inspiring story. Just the mere fact that another human being / beings decided to reach out to someone in need. I know that there are so many other wonderful and inspiring stories out there but this particular one touched me as I have been in a similar situation a couple of years back. After losing everything and being left in debt as well as having to take care of my 2 young children as a single parent, many a times I felt utter despair and at the point of giving up. Such stories restores my faith in mankind. Besides all the negative happenings in the world, there are still goodness out there….

  3. That is what it means to be human after all, taking care of your fellow human beings when a need arises for that is the way each one of us would like to be helped. The way we live our lives can truly be a joy filled moment if only we could care a little bit…for each other. That is a great story, keep up the great work.

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