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Jelena Mandic shared the story of the iconic Rose Man from BrightWater Commons, she asked people to share their stories which filled her feed with love.


Jelena Mandic contacted Good Things Guy to share a story that is very close to her heart. On the 2nd of November she posted to Facebook with the realisation that the BrightWater Commons was being turned into a “concrete jungle”. It made her feel sad and decided to use the moment to share some love.

She recalled an amazing man, Ambrose the Rose Man, that has made his living there for years. She shared his story and became so inspired by how many people remembered him too. People started sharing their love stories that centered around the Rose Man with her.

This is how it all started…

Yesterday I found out that BrightWater Commons in Ranburg is going to become a concrete jungle…
Water has been drained, ducks and fish moved…
It’s been empty for quite some time, so it’s no surprise…yet it makes me sad and it makes me think of one person,
Ambrose – the gentleman who sells roses.

Once I had a chat with him, and he told me his story…
He started off at Bruma Lake washing cars when Bruma was THE place to be in the 90s.
One car wash changed his life, a florists car.
( he spoke of her so fondly)
He found her wallet, returned it and in exchange she offered him a new job – selling roses.

He told me ; ” Roses were selling at R5 and I was getting R1 for each rose sold and on my first night I made over R 100″…
His eyes smiled, and mine got a little wet…
Ambrose has been selling roses ever since…

It takes him about 2h to get to BrightWater, and when I asked him about the price of transport he said: ” R 25 coming and Oh at night it’s much cheaper, R 20″

Ambrose has 3 beautiful daughters…
Again his eyes and heart smiled when he spoke of them, and again mine couldn’t hold back the tears…

Ambrose has been selling roses for such a long time and I truly hope he continues to do so…
So until this concrete jungle is built,
Next time you see him buy that rose,
Or at least give him a smile…

Rose Man

Jelena then decided to help Ambrose out as the construction is affecting his sales and livelihood. She has opened her home to donations for him. “I live just up the road from from BrightWater, so my house can be used as a drop off point for anything – even if it’s just a can of tomatoes with your name and a little thank you note”. Jelena will then deliver the goods to Ambrose. You can contact her here to arrange a drop off.

Her post has been all about sharing the love.

“I didn’t think that this post would touch so many people and didn’t know that this gentle soul and a true gentleman has made an impact on so many” – 

Jelena shared some of the love stories with us.

“He truly is a wonderful man my dad has always bought my mom and I roses and now even my little girl. I think it would be wonderful if we could all do something for him ” – Crissinda

“Definition of a true Gentleman…… Ambrose! If it weren’t for you I’d never get flowers from my husband” – Debbie

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