Eileen Wilkinson gives advice to stressed-out New Yorkers at a pop-up therapy station her grandson built. In just 3 months she has helped hundreds of people.


Eileen Wilkinson is a 100-year-old grandma who is filled with advice about life. She likes to have fun and spends a few hours here and there doing a project her grandson set up for her. She gives advice to the stressed-out New Yorkers that pass her pop up therapy booth.

Eileen does not live in New York – she lives in Washington state and communicates through a laptop and live webcam that is set up on the streets of the Big Apple. Her grandson set up the booth to give his grandma something to do as she always loved giving him advice.

The wise woman says that her brain is still 20 years old, even if her body is 100. Her story has been shared throughout America and New Yorkers love popping in for some refreshing wisdom or just to say hi.

When Eileen isn’t on the streets answering questions, her Grandson is with her and films videos of her answering fan questions from her Facebook Page. She has shared advise on “How to talk to old people”, “The importance of Spooning” and the proper way to “Ask a girl out”.

You can watch her in action below.

"It's just… fun" – Grandma Eileen Neighborhood site, West Side Rag, posted a lovely article about Grandma's lemonade stand (see bit.ly/2gv35KD) which received some additional media attention (see latest list below). I wish I could share all the "what makes your Grandma unique?" stories that have flooded in. It'll break your heart, man. Grab your iPhone and start filming some (unscripted) living history, people.CBS New York / Alex Denis: cbsloc.al/2yUajj8New York Post: nyp.st/2yAKyTwWDBJ7 / Katey Roshetko: bit.ly/2yANwHKInside Edition: ietv.co/2gz3QTlMSN: bit.ly/2xVQFmLCBS News: bit.ly/2yFjm4u

Posted by Mike Matthews on Thursday, 19 October 2017

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