Bizolakhe is a bubbly 3 year old, even more so since she got her eye’s tested. Once she got her glasses she could see her mom clearly for the first time!


Bizolakhe is the daughter of Joseph and Zanele Lukhele, she has an endearing smile, engaging personality and is just the sweetest little girl! She was a tiny baby and as she grew the family noticed she was struggling to see.

“She fell over the smallest step, and everything she held she brought right up to her face and then still could not focus on what she had in her hand.”

Bizo’s parents have lived on the property of the Gordon family since before she was born, Bizo has grown up as part of both families. Joseph and Zanele unfortunately don’t have medical aid so the Gordon family stepped in to assist and took Bizo to get tested by an ophthalmologist. The ophthalmologist diagnosed Bizo with very poor eyesight.

“They explained and showed us what Bizo’s view on the world was, literally just blurs and shadows, I still recall how shocked and sad we all felt at the time.”

Bronwyn Gordon personally funded the glasses needed for Bizo to see clearly.

“The expression on her precious little face the first time she put them on still brings tears to our eyes. It was like she was seeing the world and her mom for the very first time.”

Bizolakhe became a different child, she developed a new  confidence and started playing with the children around her. She also took in her surroundings and thrived!

Sadly Bizo’s eyes seem to be deteriorating yet again! The family has been exceptionally worried and are urgently trying to get this seen to. While the matter at hand is of the utmost importance, they are worried due to the lack of medical funds they can access.

“As her classmates pick up books and begin to recognise pictures, words, colours  and begin the exciting journey of education, Bizo sadly has to bring the books right up to her face and we are not sure what she is seeing.  As a result her learning progress is slow and she is already falling very far behind.”

Bronwyn has spearheaded the search to find a specialist that can help and is sourcing funding for the medical costs. She hopes this will help get the issue sorted soonest. If you are wanting to contact Bronwyn in regards to any of the above you can email her here.

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