Zama Mthembu was parking at the local mall with her mother when her car started gushing red water she panicked but thankfully a taxi driver helped her


Johannesburg, South Africa – Zama Mthembu and her mother were driving to their local China Mall when disaster struck. As Zama was pulling into the parking lot, her car started gushing redish water from underneath the bonnet.

She had just pulled into a parking spot as it started happening. She had no clue what was happening or even what to do next. Parked in the spot across the way from her was Masu, a taxi driver from Benoni. He saw what was happening and rushed over to offer his assistance to Zama.

Masu helped Zama a great deal in a situation that would have left her and her mother stuck at the mall for hours.

“Today I was a recipient of a random act of kindness from a complete stranger. So my car broke down. My mom and I drove to China Mall in the south this morning and as I pulled up in the parking lot, a whole lot of water and some red stuff gushed out of my car.

A taxi was parked across ‘my’ parking bay and the driver literally jumped out and came towards me. Not knowing what was happening (I thought I had driven over a bottle of juice/cool drink) I casually said to him ‘si right bhuti’. He then explained what was happening, and asked that I open the bonnet.”

Masu started working on the car and realised he needed some tools. He had seen that a pipe in her car had burst so they would need to get a spare as well. He drove Zama to the hardware and a spares shop to get all the needed tools and parts. Then he drove her back to the parking lot and worked on the car, all while it rained over them.

“He asked for some tools which I didn’t have but luckily there was a hardware store right across. Turns out a pipe had burst and each time they tried to refill the water, it all leaked out almost immediately, so basically I couldn’t drive my car. As I was about to call a tow truck, he says “hhayi sisi uzokhokha malini lapho ithi ngikwenzele fast” (you will pay too much, I can fix it fast).

We then drove in his taxi to find this pipe which we eventually found 2 spares shops later, in Fordsburg!!! We drove back to my car and he replaced it which the help of two car guards. 3,5 hours later, a complete stranger had fixed my car..and it was drizzling almost the entire time!!!”

The car guards that assisted lent an umbrella to them to give Masu some cover. Once the car was fixed, Masu gave Zama some tips on what to do if it gives any more trouble on her way home.

“He (the taxi driver) gave me instructions re what to do if the car gave me trouble on the way home and what to tell the mechanic when I take my car in. He then went back to his taxi where his passengers were now waiting for him after returning from their shopping spree.

He expected NOTHING in return!!! He was just happy to have been of help. That’s 3,5 hours of his life he will never get back. I couldn’t believe his kindness I almost cried. What an amazing human being!!!! The spirit of Ubuntu shown by this gentleman completely blew me away. Indeed, umuntu umuntu ngabantu.”

“What a hero I’ll tell my grandchildren about him. May God bless him beyond his wildest dreams…even with that A3 he dreams of driving one day. If you see him on the road, please show him some love!”

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