A taxi driver has started cleaning the streets around him, hoping to inspire others too!

Taxi Driver cleans streets

Yamkela Ncume is a Taxi driver from Dunoon, an informal settlement, in the Western Cape. He is armed with a rake and shovel, cleaning the streets around him.


Yamkela Ncume is a part-time taxi driver and lives in Dunoon. Dunoon is an informal settlement located in the Western Cape. Yamkela got tired of sitting in his taxi looking at all the rubbish laying in the streets and stagnant water accumulating around him.

Yamkela decided to start cleaning up around his immediate area. All he used was a rake, shovel and his bare hands. The residents of the street he has been keeping clean have praised him for his selfless hard work.

“I love my community and I want to keep our street and environment clean. Refuse accumulates very quickly here because of overcrowding, and we have young children constantly playing in the street. If we wait for authorities to come clean for us, kids will pick up germs, ” – Yamkela Ncume

Yamkela’s neighbour, Nokuphuwa Pitane, was very happy about his motivations and she was happy with his hard work but worries because of overcrowding that it doesn’t stay clean for very long.

“He is doing the right thing. Many young people of his age are on drugs but he is not. He cares about our hygiene. My only wish is for him to get a permanent job,” – Nokuphuwa Pitane

A spokesperson for the City of Cape Town applauded his hard work. Especially because currently only commercial areas and main thoroughfares are priorities in the Western cape due to shortages.

“All residents share in the responsibility to keep their areas clean.” – Hayley van der Woude, City of Cape Town spokesperson

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Sources: Ground Up

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