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Khululekani Nyobole spent his youth as a teenage gangster, doing drugs and failing school. He decided to change and now he is a businessman on a better path.


Khululekani Nyobole grew up in the township of Khayelitsha, he saw the gangsters there as role models and quickly slipped into the life of being a teenage gangster. He failed grade 10 twice before deciding he wanted to live for something more.

“You grow up thinking all that matters is to become the top dog. I did all sorts of drugs, and I mean all sorts. You name it, I’ve done it.”

“Deep down, I knew the loser I had become wasn’t me. I tried really hard to distance myself from criminal activities. I knew I had the brains, so I persisted,”

His third attempt at grade 10 was successful. Heading to grade 11 and 12 was a huge achievement for Khululekani. After he matriculated he became a cashier at the health food franchise Kauai. Once he received a promotion he realised he wanted to go to university and graduated with a BA Degree in 2014 from the University of the Western Cape.

Khululekani realised during an environmental ethics class that the cleaning supplies available to people in Townships where filled with toxins. That is when the idea of ‘Nurturer’, an affordable eco-friendly cleaning supply brand was born.

“This theory confirmed something I instinctively knew as the truth: when we honour the earth we honour ourselves. I was born and raised in the township, after learning about teleology I started questioning why people in low income communities do not have the option to buy affordable natural products that are healthy and safe for both humans and nature.”

“We say we want to sustain the planet and prevent global warming, but the mechanism through which we want to achieve this are not affordable to the majority of poor people.”

“Eco-friendly products are often more expensive than the ones damaging the environment. You can’t blame people for buying cheap and more toxic products when the eco-friendly alternatives are almost twice as expensive.”

Nurturer went live in February 2017, offering households and business’s cleaning materials. Nurturer only uses locally produced raw materials. Materials used are 100% natural. Tested for safety by SABS and approved by Eco-Cert.

teenage gangster to businessman

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Sources: Nurturer / Life Choices

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