Elon Musk’s Teslas are such a hot commodity, even his own mother owns just one.

At the CFDA Awards afterparty held at Samsung 837, Mashable ran into Maye Musk, who, at 68 years old, is having a revival in her modeling career.

“I drive a Tesla and it makes driving wonderful,” she told Mashable. “I’ve never enjoyed driving ever, but it’s been so fun. When you drive a Tesla you know how special it is and I’m extremely proud.”

The IMG model, who was clad in a turquoise Zang Toi gown, said she only had one model, though.

“It’s the sedan, and I just need one,” she said. “Plus, they’re hard to get from what I hear.”

Musk has been having a resurgence in fashion as of late. While balancing shoots with W magazine and the New York Times, she’s also now a face in the “in crowd” of fashion, with friends among the likes of Diane von Furstenberg. She even appeared in Beyonce’s “Haunted” music video, as a ghost-like muse throughout.

But it’s not her first time at the rodeo.

Before raising three children, Musk was a model who hailed from South Africa and graced Revlon advertorials, and, in 1996, was even featured on boxes of Special K cereal.


And at 68, she’s taking her career seriously.

“I do look after myself I have to eat very well to stay lean and healthy,” she told Mashable. “I have a lot of friends from stylists to I have to look stylish. You need to know that as you get older you need to look appropriate but fashion forward.”

She also still makes time for her sons and even imparts wisdom onto her most successful, Elon.

“I tell him to be a good person and to be hard-working, give back to the world,” she said. “But he’s obviously doing that.”

With so much talk about exploring Mars, is Maye Musk ready to depart her career here on Earth for stratospheric pastures?

“Oh no,” she said. “I’m not moving to Mars. Frankly, it’s because they need the younger people there like engineers to create a future. They don’t need me.”

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