Drain Paediatric Surgeons police officer delivers baby
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Officer Amanda Fojo was writing up a ticket when she was approached and asked to escort a woman to a nearby hospital. The baby, however, had other plans!


At around 7 am this morning, 10th November 2017, Senior Traffic Officer Amanda Fojo, was busy writing up a ticket when she was approached by a driver with a pregnant woman trying to get to a nearby hospital. The driver asked if officer Fojo could escort them as the baby was on its way.

Traffic Spokesperson, Richard Coleman shared details of the experience with the press shortly after the incident occurred.

“At about 07:00 this morning (Friday), Senior Traffic Officer Amanda Fojo was issuing a ticket to a taxi driver on the N2 incoming at Jakes Gerwel Drive when a motorist stopped alongside and requested an escort to Mowbray maternity hospital for a female passenger who was in labour,” said Traffic Spokesperson, Richard Coleman.

“Officer Fojo assessed the situation and realised that the baby’s arrival was imminent, so she put her midwifery skills to use instead and helped the lady deliver a healthy baby boy.”

Officer Fojo has been trained as a First Aider which helped to deliver the healthy baby boy. As soon as mom and baby were determined to be in good health, she escorted them to the hospital.

“As I looked at the lady, she was in labour and she said she had started at 3 am,” 

“So when I decided to assist her and deliver the baby, cause when I asked the lady some information I could determine that she could give birth at any time.” – Officer Amanda Fojo

This is such a lovely story and a pretty cool one to tell they baby boy when he gets older. We would like to commend officer Fojo for going above and beyond the call of duty.

traffic officer delivers baby

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