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A Twitter user shared the mistakes he made in his twenties and the lessons he learned in his thirties and it went viral for being really inspiring!


South Africa (25 August 2020) – In May of this year, a man took to the social media platform Twitter, and aired his dirty laundry, he owned his mistakes and shared his lessons learned. The man, who goes by the name of Black Pythagoras on the platform, was addressing a comment made by Nandi Madida. Nandi was trending because she had said South Africans shouldn’t waste their 20’s if they are presented with opportunities.

Black Pythagoras shared a very candid thread about his mistakes, the very same that most 20-somethings make year after year. He went from a well-paid engineer to a waiter and then a business owner. His thread was inspiring to read and hopefully serves as a lesson to many who read it.

“I wasted my 20s because I didn’t listen to the right people. No one is saying you should be a CEO at 30.

I had an engineering degree by 23. I thought that I was entitled to a job by virtue of being a young SAn with a B.Eng degree. I didn’t apply enough or hustle enough.”

“I got a job 2 years later after getting some internships through a family friend. It felt like all the doors had opened up. The doors to a world of money. 25, single, VW Polo, expensive clothes, women…”

“I spent more money on strange girls than I did on my own mother. I thought I was still young and would be able to make up for it later.

I accumulated more debt than wisdom. I opened more legs than I opened books. I visited more clubs than networking sessions. Life seemed good.”

“When I was 28 one of my former varsity friends wanted me join him in starting a company. I turned him down and watched him grow into a successful businessman. Mansion and everything.

My mother passed away and I drowned my sorrows in girls, alcohol and clubbing.”

“At 30 I lost my job because the company was downsizing. I had a terrible relationship with my managers so no good references. So basically, now sn “unemployed youth”.

I had a mountain of debt, a thousand regrets, scars from an avoidable car accident and of coz…. 2 baby mamas.”

“Car was repossessed by the bank. My “friends” became distant. The girls dried up.

I moved back into my late mother’s RDP house in the township.

Honestly looking back at your life and looking deeply into your mistakes will humble you.”

“After a few months of self-pity, I swallowed my pride and started going up and down looking for any job I could find. I had 2 kids I needed to support and 3 younger siblings that looked up to me.

So I chose to reboot and grind.”

“I started working in a restaurant. Yep, an engineer with 5 years of experience working as a waiter. I learnt a lot about work ethic from the Zim guys I worked with. 

I was earning 4k per month (down from 40k). But I was becoming a better man.”

“In my spare time, I used the money I had to do free online courses and I boosted my CV. I got a good job at a tech company at the age of 32.

I reconnected with one of my baby mamas. She gave me a 2nd chance and now we’re married.”

“At 35 now, I started my own small company and I have extended the RDP house for my siblings ( in memory of my dear mom).

When someone is telling you to not waste your 20s, they are not putting pressure on you. Wake up.”

Sources: Twitter – Republished with Black Pythagoras’ permission
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