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Xussien witnessed an accident, parked and sprinted to the injured. He helped dislodge the door of the vehicle before proceeding to assist the passengers out.


Humanity is the one element through the entire world, that has enough power to bond us over any difference, however, more often than not, it’s not a common practising principal. And while the world continues to revolve, it is the people that are making a constituted effort to resolve its issues and reform their societies because the world needs a remedy and that is a simple act of humanity.

One such person is Xussien, an Uber driver who resides in Cape Town. He was forced to become an adult before his time, with his dad, unfortunately passing away while he was just 14 years of age. He moved to Cape Town in the hopes of employment and after being unemployed, with no money but still hope, he discovered the Uber app and hasn’t looked back since.

This driver-partner is fairly new, being with the e-hailing company for just 10 months but has already built a reputation and a human-citizenship that far extends many today. Xussien was a first responder to an accident in Cape Town while on a trip with a passenger. Upon witnessing the accident, which took quite a bit of skilled driving to avoid, Xussien asked his riders if they had enough time before their flight to go and assist with the accident.

The riders had said,

“It was one of the most insane and scary things I had ever seen in my life. Our driver pulled aside onto the shoulder, avoiding the accident with some seriously skilled driving, and sprinted out of the car to go and help.”

The rider was so impressed with the pure bravery and humanity displayed by Xussien, she believes that without Xussien’s quick thinking and courage, many people may have been seriously injured.

This was the third incident where Xussien had dropped everything to assist in any manner or form, ensuring that before anything else, the people were safe. Without the tip-off from the rider to Uber, Xussien would have simply continued these good deeds without anyone knowing, proving true the fact, that he believes in doing good before earning praise.

Xussien, who currently drives for someone else on the Uber app, is saving any spare money he has, in the hopes to one day afford his own vehicle. With all of the money he has made, he sends a majority of it home to support his family. He holds his family in the highest regard, sighting them as his inspiration to have the courage to assist in such situations.

Such an individual is a pure example of how humanity will cost nothing but is able to create the most value. Xussien has said,

“Even if the customer had said no, I would have still stopped to help. When you have a big heart, it doesn’t matter if you upset some passengers.”

With such an attitude and a will to serve not only his family but humanity as a whole, Xussien stands strong, that one day we will all see a better world if the world acts accordingly today.

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