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Sometimes heroes don’t wear capes… sometimes they just go about their courageous acts of kindness without even leaving their names.

This is a story about some of those amazing humans!

The Durban Floods surprised many people but also created an opportunity for real heroes to step up. We received an email about some of these unnamed heroes who needed to be honoured.

Carrie Hendriks emailed the Good Things Guy to share her experience of how the flood affected her and her mother. They were on the N2 at the old airport when they needed to abandon their car.

They made their way through the rushing waters and found two men on a flatbed truck guiding people across the water and over to safety. Carrie felt these men were also true heroes and decided to share the heroic tale with us to honour the unnamed men.

“There were so many angels on Tuesday. I was stuck on the N2 at the old airport and had to abandon my car with my mom.”

“We climbed onto the back of a flatbed truck and then there was a young white guy who got into the water several times to help pull people across and over the median to safety.”

“I couldn’t take a photo cos my phone got wet but he held onto my mom so tight in that fast flowing water. He helped so many people and I don’t even know his name.”

“There was an Indian guy on the truck with us and he was also helping all the ladies to get down into the water to this guy. Everyone was helpful and caring. There are amazing people in this country!”

The story warms our hearts and we completely agree with Carrie, this country really does have amazing people!

Sources: Supplied by Carrie Hendriks
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