A couple of weeks ago, we wrote an article on Jerry & his absolutely undeniable passion for animals, how he goes above and beyond for every single animal he comes into contact with.

He has dedicated his life to running his animal shelter in Soweto and we couldn’t be more in awe of his dedication to our 4-legged friends!

Read the original story here.

We also couldn’t be more in awe of the support & love Jerry has received since we published our article.

“We at SARAC are still reeling from blissful shock at the generosity of everybody involved in making our RAK a reality. It is almost impossible to explain the effect of you having chosen our small, unknown facility and having introduced us to your fan base. ” says Jerry.

“We have no idea what led you to choose us. Whatever the motivation, we are humbled, grateful and overwhelmed. “

SARAC had been going through a very hard time trying to stay a float, and had even considered closing due to lack of funding & facilities. The RAK campaign has changed all of that for Jerry, everything has started coming together & we couldnt be happier for him. Well Done South Africa, you have really shown us what kindness can do. Things have never been better for Jerry.


To place your generosity into perspective, the exposure led to:

1. R120 000,00 from Dischem
2. A TON of dog food from Supreme Pets and a year’s supply to any family who adopts one of our pets because of you
3. 500kg of Eukanuba food
4. A pledge of R50 000,00 from a donor named Kevin
5. Individual donations of R7 000 and R10 000,00
6. Offers to assist with maintenance of our vehicle
7. Offers to set up a website
8. Offers to groom our animals
9. Many individuals asking how they can help – being it a donation of a bag of food. Corporate responsibility and an unwavering dedication to the upliftment of the less fortunate, as displayed by 94.7 and The Breakfast Express is a rare commodity in these difficult financial times.

“Please know that your efforts are not in vain – you are making an amazing difference. We promise to use your generosity to its full potential and to ensure the maximum benefit to those you have intended to help: the animals. “

Although Jerry & his team at SARAC don’t have much to offer in return, every single person that helped has his immense gratitude, support & loyalty.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

While we are sure Jerry has a long way to go, this country has come together & given him the hope that anything is possible when there are good people in the world!

Well Done South Africa, you have really shown us what kindness can do.

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