Viral Fan-Made Nando's 'Ad' Transforms Woman's Life!
Photo Cred: Ingrid Stegmann | Supplied

A viral fan-made Nando’s ad catapulted Ingrid Stegmann’s life from financial uncertainty to newfound success and opportunity.


Johannesburg, South Africa (27 October 2023) – In the early hours of Sunday morning, following South Africa’s exhilarating victory against England in the Rugby World Cup final, a remarkable Nando’s advertisement took the X-Twitter streets by storm, rapidly going viral.

Once again, Nando’s marketing team displayed their quick wit and brilliant marketing genius, leaving South Africans in fits of laughter.

However, there’s a twist to this heartwarming tale; Nando’s marketing team wasn’t the creator of this viral sensation – it was the work of Ingrid Stegmann.

On that Sunday morning, Ingrid, a South African, woke up with a touch of anxiety. She pondered what would happen if Nando’s decided to take legal action against her for copyright infringement. She also feared that people might show up at Nando’s restaurants, demanding the advertised breakfast at an unrealistically low price, potentially entangling her in a web of consumer protection issues. Sensibly, she decided to delete the post she had initially shared, tagging both Nando’s SA and Nando’s UK.

But, as fate would have it, it was too late – the ad had already spread like wildfire across social media.

In a candid admission of her ‘sins,’ Ingrid shared the ad on her Facebook page on Sunday morning. She later extended her confession to LinkedIn, hoping to alleviate some of her apprehensions. Soon enough, she began receiving WhatsApp messages from friends who were astonished by her creation. The ad had become a trending topic in their WhatsApp groups, both locally and internationally. Messages poured in from the Netherlands, England, and Germany, as the ad gained global recognition.

Viral Fan-Made Nando's 'Ad' Transforms Woman's Life!
Photo Cred: Ingrid Stegmann | Supplied

Even though Ingrid was not a rugby fan and had never dined at Nando’s, the internet couldn’t get enough of her creation. Reddit reposted the ad, and it even made its way onto TikTok, attracting a vast audience. A prominent speaker and radio presenter in Pretoria commended Nando’s marketing team for their exceptional work.

Ingrid’s journey took a surprising turn when she encountered a tweet from Gus Silber, who referred to her creation as a “Fando,” emphasizing its soaring popularity. With a newfound sense of pride, Ingrid reached out to Gus and disclosed her true identity as the ordinary South African woman behind the ad.

In a generous act of support, Gus agreed to share the story on Facebook, revealing the true genius behind the advertisement. News sites also started to write about the story, further catapulting Ingrid’s creation into the limelight.

But this is more than just a viral sensation; it’s a heartwarming story of a life transformed.

Ingrid had been facing a challenging financial situation, having received her last paycheck six months ago after her contract ended. She had been diligently searching on platforms like PNET and LinkedIn for her next project management job, but opportunities were scarce, and her savings were dwindling.

The idea of reviving her own Publishing Services business crossed her mind, but she was still awaiting the breakthrough she desperately needed.

And then, the miracle happened.

This week, Ingrid’s life took an unexpected turn for the better. People started reaching out to her, seeking her advertising services. She was inundated with requests, and her business prospects began to shine brighter.

In her own words, “Sometimes it is not just big massive marketing companies that get it right; sometimes it is someone who really needs it.”

Ingrid Stegmann’s story serves as a reminder that life can change unexpectedly, highlighting the power of creativity and the ability of ordinary individuals to make a significant impact. Her journey underscores the transformative nature of viral success and its ability to bring positivity to those in need, offering readers a heartwarming reminder that life’s most delightful surprises often arrive when least expected.

Sources: Interview with Ingrid Stegmann 
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