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A seagull stuck in an unfortunate situation at the top of a 20m lamppost was rescued thanks to an everyday hero who obviously isn’t afraid of heights and bravely went above and beyond in every literal sense. Take a look!


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Gordon’s Bay, South Africa (12 February 2024) — A seagull found itself in a sticky situation in Gordon’s Bay recently after it ended up stuck at the top of a 20-metre lamppost.

According to diving centre Just Africa Scuba who found the bird in the distressing circumstance, the seagull had reportedly gotten tangled up in a fishing line that was hanging from the pole.

This caused the seagull to naturally attempt to free itself but to no avail. After several calls to rescue services were made and amounted to no action, one brave man took matters under his own wings.

JJ Engelbrecht, described as a “passionate conservationist” by his mom—who proudly shared the story alongside Just Africa Scuba—was not going to let the seagull flap around hopelessly. As such, he undertook the kind of task that would give anyone with a fear of heights sleepless nights and began climbing the 20-metre lamppost!

While this kind of bravery is not advisable for those who do not have the correct equipment or training, JJ’s climb was something out of a movie. Bare-footed and unphased, he made his way right to the top as though climbing a jungle gym at school. In no time, he reached the seagull, freed the bird enabling it to fly away on its merry way and potentially earned himself a new career as a daredevil.

Watch: JJ in Action!

The community has rightly approved JJ as a hero without a cape (though he might need one if he decides to continue extreme climbing adventures), and we couldn’t agree more.

Sources: Rinet Engelbrecht; Just Africa Scuba
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