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The WATER for PAWS project was started by Fiona Barron and in just 3-days it has become so popular, donations have been coming in fast and steady. The concept is to make sure rescue centres can cope with Day Zero!


Fiona Barron has a heart of gold and is the kind of South African we love to boast about. While sitting at home thinking about the impending Day Zero she thought of all the animals waiting to be adopted that will be severely affected when the taps run dry.

Her heart just couldn’t stand the thought and instead of letting the thought pass, she sat up and got busy! Fiona set up the WATER for PAWS Facebook page. The idea was to become a central information point for both people wanting to donate water and for organisations to express their water needs.

Within a matter of days, she had an influx of people wanting to make donations. There is no way to know how much water has been collected so far but we can estimate that it is in the hundreds of litres already.

“Never ever did I expect the response from not only Capetonians but people from as far as KZN, Bloemfontein, Eastern Cape and Gauteng. All in 3 DAYS!!”

Many people have come forward and offered their homes as drop-off points. Fiona has shared her thanks to everyone that has supported this idea.

“THANK YOU really does not say enough for how grateful I am to all of you. To be honest, I am still trying to “take this all in”. All I wanted to do was be a Capetonian trying to do my part in the current water crisis that we see ourselves in.”

She is campaigning to not only get water for these organisations but also storage systems such as large water tanks which will make the lives of the organisations much more streamlined.

If you would like to support an Animal Rescue centre or Shelter in Cape Town, you can contact Fiona via the WATER for PAWS Facebook page here.

“It does not matter how small or big your contribution is in this time of our water crisis, it’s a matter of making a difference.”

“No matter what your choice of action is, no matter what cause/organisation you choose to support .. whether it is to help people carry their allocated 25 litres from the collection point to their car, to support an old age home and donating water, or even doing your part in saving water and keeping to the 50 litres a day WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

Sources: WATER for PAWS
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