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Ansie Swanepoel was wearing her favourite outfit when she saw a man from another race in need, yet she rushed over and got covered in wet cement. This is her story and her message to South Africa!


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Ansie Swanepoel was on her way to a meeting when she found herself saving a mans life with three other heroic women. Forgetting all about their appearances, the four women worked tirelessly to save a man who was laying on the roadside covered in wet cement.

Ansie later sat in the reception area and noticed her shoes were covered in cement. She sat there reflecting on the sudden event and couldn’t help but see hope for South Africa.

This is her incredible story…

“My new shoes and my favourite favourite trouser covered with cement… sitting in the reception of a client… 
It does not make sense, but, what an eyeopener it has been.”

An accident happened, on her way to work, minutes before she went past Brackenhurst. There were at least three vehicles on the scene and Ansie saw a woman bending over a victim covered in cement.

“I stopped and took my dive rescue kit with me. I found four other women, two were on their knees with George, the victim, one on her phone and the other in high heels and a beautiful floral dress dashing from her car. The one woman looked like a police officer and I handed her my breathing assistance kit. She said his airway was open. I saw him starting to shiver and said we needed to keep him warm.”

Ansie says that she could see three men standing around with their hands in their pockets, another was making a video. But the two women kneeling at George’s body were talking to him keep him calm. One of the women had a hand towel in her car and Ansie had a bath sheet in hers that they were using to assist.

“The elegant lady came dashing with her beautiful and obviously expensive coat. We covered George to keep him warm, and I rolled the hand towel to put between his face and the cement that covered the grass and virtually everything. I wiped the cement between his nose and mouth away.

The ambulance arrived and the guy got out as if he was on his way to a picnic… yes, I know that one should observe and not rush in, but he was handing out gloves like Father Christmas would hand out sweets, and then started putting on his jacket, whilst the one woman had already told him to bring oxygen.

He kind of ignored us all… but then as if in a choir we all told him to get his priorities right and attend to George! It was as if he at first did not quite understand, but, obviously, he grasped that one listens when FOUR women give you simultaneously the same instruction!”

The four women all withdrew from the scene as the paramedics took over but while walking back to the car Ansie realised the “state” that her clothes were in but she managed to wipe the cement from her trousers and went on her way to work.

Sitting there waiting for her meeting to start, something dawned on Ansie.

“We, as women took charge and reached out to a man none of us knew… no one was concerned about the wet cement getting onto our clothes and shoes. None of us stopped to think before giving something to cover him and keep him warm. None of us hesitated to call a too relaxed ambulance man to attention.

All of us were concerned about only one thing and that was George!

To hell, I say with politicians and those that hire international gurus to tell us we should hate each other simply because it will perhaps gain them votes in the election next year.

I saw today that on grassroots level race does not matter. Women reached out to a man in severe pain, kept him calm, covered him without considering their own assets’ perceived value.

Is it not time that more of these messages swamp social media?

Is it not time that we get the message out that 99% of our citizens do not see colour, race, or whatsoever they try to tell us we see!”

Ansie took to Facebook to share her story and challenge South Africans to share more good news, to shout about the instances when South Africans from different races, and different backgrounds, and different differences help each other. The moments that remind us above everything else… we are SOUTH AFRICAN!

“Hopefully, our Cyril Ramaphosa and the rest of those we have put in government will realise they need to start hearing the REAL voice of those they are supposed to serve!

We are one nation under God… it is time that this message is the message that echoes throughout our beautiful country!”

Ansie is correct, of course, these kinds of stories do need to be shared, over and over again. South Africa may seem grim at times but it is filled with hope, people willing to be the difference and so many more people willing to work on changes.

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