Woman pays kindness forward by helping a petrol attendant in need… South Africa responds by raising money for her too!


The Lowvelder originally reported that a woman helped a petrol attendant in Mbombela, who had to pay back almost R800 after fuel was stolen on his watch, she heard about the story and immediately wanted to assist!

The CCTV footage showed that two men arrived at the filling station in an unmarked Red Toyota RunX at around 03:15 and asked the petrol attended to fill up the vehicle. The car sped off when the petrol attendant turned to get the pay point machine.

“This (the fact that they did not have registration plates) makes identifying the suspects nearly impossible. The attendant could also not identify the driver, as he barely opened his window to speak to him,” said Mr Julius Neo Jabes, manager at the station.

The incident lit up on social media as the attendant who was on duty, was held responsible for the damage. Jabes explained that he did not follow the correct procedure.

“He should have been on high alert and should have questioned the driver. He was supposed to ask for his keys, especially when he saw that the vehicle had no registration plates,” Jabes added.

Helen Slabbert was among the locals who had heard about the story on social media. She had never met the attendant but knew that she had to do something to help.

“I don’t have much money, but I know that he has less. He probably also has a family to look after, I thought.” Slabbert, who’s husband recently got retrenched, has three children and currently works four jobs to care for her family.

“I knew that I wouldn’t he able to go to sleep, knowing that this gentleman spent his Mother’s Day like that. I felt sorry for him so I decided to help him,” said Slabbert.

The Lowvelder reported that when she went to make the donation yesterday, before the attendant’s night shift started, the manager assembled all the employees.

“Miracles still happen,” he told them. “With all my heart I would like to say thank you Ms Slabbert. My post on social media was not to ask people to pay but this angel came to give R776. How many of us would do the same? People like her teach us how to give. May God bless you,” Jabes said.

“I not only felt sorry for the attendant, but frequently refuel my vehicle here and have never received anything but great service, so I felt the need to give back to them too,” Slabbert added.

Kindness always has a way of inspiring others!

A crowd funding site has been set up by Vivek Patel since the story started trending on social media, the concept of the fund is to thank Helen for her incredible act of kindness and assist her in this tough economic climate.

Here’s the write up on the crowd funding site:

“I am an avid reader of The Good Things Guy and recently learnt of the RAK which Mrs Helen Slabbert done. I am moved to help. However, thanks to Mrs Slabbert’s random act of kindness, the R776 bill was settled at no cost to the attendant.

Mrs Slabbert is the sole breadwinner and works FOUR jobs to care for her family of 5, after her husband was recently retrenched.

If a South African facing such tough circumstances can help someone, so can we! Please help our fellow South African sister!”

To help Helen, click here.

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Source: The Lowvelder

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