A South African man has vowed to do everything he can, to get four homeless kids off the street, after they randomly helped him out of a car accident.


Xavier Saet found himself in a life threatening situation when an intoxicated man drove through a red light at an intersection and straight into his car.

I could have lost my life tonight. A drunk man crossed a red light at high speed and hit me on the passenger side. My car spun, flipped and ended sideways on the opposite side of the road.

The driver from the other vehicle fled the scene, without claiming responsibility. He left Saet in the middle of road, upside-down, fearing for his life.

Xavier Saet’s car after the accident
The “other drivers” car after the accident

Four homeless kids had seen the accident happen and knew they couldn’t stand by without assisting. The kids worked together to push the car back on its axis and get Saet out.

I have no idea how they managed to turn my car back on its axis, but all I remember is them saying ” we can’t give up… push harder… we are almost there…”

Saet’s car is completely “written off”. He however survived with just a few bruised ribs and a new love and appreciation for his saviours.

“My angels were looking after me tonight, as they always do. I still get goosebumps thinking about it… their kindness to a total stranger.”

And now… Saet is ready to return the favour. He has made it his mission to get the boys as much help as possible to get them off the streets.

He has already started sponsoring them food, which he will drop off on a weekly basis but is also using his social media platforms to garnish support and collect goods for the kids.

And it’s working… his post has been shared hundreds of times with many of his friends jumping on board to assist.

Brandon Jackson: “Count me in!”

Lynn Forbes: “Xavier whatever you need my friend … will chat to you when I see you on Wednesday ?”

Claudia Lynn Sharbel-Fahry: “What do they need cuz? Food donations? Clothing? How can I help.”

These homeless kids and Saet’s actions are a reminder in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity… in South Africa we call this Ubuntu.

And by seeing each other’s humanness, and by working together, we can and will all help each other to rise.

“These little heroes deserve a better life. We all deserve an opportunity. Love breeds more Love.”

If you want to assist in any way, you can contact Xavier Saet by clicking here.

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