Blake found out that there are children in the world that don’t have any toys and it “hurt his heartbeat” so he decided to give away some of his favourite toys.


Six year old Blake was laying in bed with his mother, the two where discussing the plans for the next day, part of which included a room clean for Blake. Blake was not impressed by this idea and told his mom it was just too much to do, he had too many toys!

His mother explained how blessed he was to have all the toys in his room because there are many kids in the world with too many.

His face dropped, it hit him and that really really hurt his heart. He told me that hurt his “heartbeat” and then said, “Wait. I have an idea.” He got out of my bed, ran into my bathroom and grabbed a tv tray I have next to my bath tub. He drags it into my room and tells me, “We can have kind of like a lemonade stand. I can give them my toys. They can have mine. That’s a great idea right Mom?”

Early the next morning Blake woke his mom up, excited about his idea he wanted to start right away! Blake’s mother instructed him to go pick out all the toys he wanted to give away while she had her coffee. He picked out 8 of his favourite toys and a few books.

“Some were his favorite toys. I walked out there, looked at them and my eyes watered. He really wanted to do this. It was the 1st thing on his heart that morning. He was ready.”

Together they made up a sign with his mom’s help with spelling Blake wrote out his sign,

“Cheer up kids!!! Come to Blake Work’s house! We have free toys for you!!”

“We live in an older community. No kids. We are on the end of a cul-de-sac, no through traffic. Nothing. But I didn’t have the heart to tell him no. I couldn’t tell him that no one was going to show.”

To make sure people came Blake’s mom, Melissa, posted on a Garage Sale page on Facebook begging people to show up to Blake’s toy stand. After a while people started arriving.

He gave his favourite robot to a man who was going to pass it along to his grandkid and he gave some of his favorite books to a baby boy. The family let her know they were going to stop by so Melissa told Blake,

“A family with a little 18-month-old boy was going to stop by for his books. He was so excited and immediately ran back inside to grab more books. He ended up giving away 4 of his favorite books”

Blake is a sweet little boy, we know he has a bright future ahead, with a heart as big as his!

“This is Blake. This is his heart. He’s a humanitarian. He hurts deeply when others hurt. He’s the first to give and the last to take. He will make sure everyone else in the room has what he was just given. It’s just simply, him”

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