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Theodora is a South African YouTuber who is advocating for the intimate health of young woman across South Africa by raising funds for the Lily Cup.


Theodora is outspoken about female feminine hygiene and intimate health. With a YouTube following of over 200k users she is obviously talking about what we all need and want to know! This issue has become much more relevant over the last few months, we recently wrote about how the KZN education department would be supplying sanitary towels to students, which is a move in the right direction for woman of South Africa.

Theodora feels strongly about woman having access to safe and clean sanitary options, which is what led her to start the Lily Cup Project.

“As a proud South African – and a woman – I think it’s a travesty that so many women go through so much suffering every month, because of something so natural—their period! I want to raise awareness about what many of us haven’t stopped to think about before.”

“In collaboration with Intimina, I want to provide thousands of free Lily Cup Compacts (reusable menstrual cups) to empower thousands of women who need them in South Africa.”

Theodora started an Indiegogo (a crowd funding website) to raise $2,500.00 towards buying and distributing the Lily Cup. The Lily cup is a menstrual cup that is reusable and has a lifespan of 10 years. The cup will help alleviate financial strain on woman who cannot afford even basic sanitary products, which carry very high price tags, and will also offer a much safer and healthier option. The Lily Cup also helps reduce landfill waste as it is reusable.

Intimina, the creator of the Lily Cup, has donated 4000 compact Lily cups for Theodora distribute to woman in need.

lily cup project

“These funds would be used to help us distribute the cups to schools and communities and run workshops with girls in need, educating them on menstrual hygiene and how to use Lily Cups.”

Theodora highlights all the social issues woman in South Africa face on a daily basis in regards to the taboo that surrounds periods. She created a video to show exactly how woman feel and how to change the taboo with education.

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Sources: Intimina / Indiegogo / YouTube

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