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OUTA believes the demise of etolls is confirmed after Sanral admitted its failure to collect outstanding e-toll debt.

The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa) has had the last laugh regarding what it has termed a failed etoll collections system in the province by Sanral.

The news comes in after SANRAL admitted it has collected less than 1% of the outstanding etoll debt.

Sanral launched its dispensation campaign at the beginning of last month, offering a 60 percent discount to motorists if they settled their unpaid fees by April. This was implemented in the hope that Sanral would recover the R5.9 billion owed by motorists. It has collected only R40m.

Outa said these numbers show that Sanral was only able to raise R40 million out of R5.9 billion, which is less than 1% of the total debt.

“Sanral’s latest dispensation is their latest desperate attempt to lure the defiant public back on board,” said Outa.

“Their dispensation offer is supported by another multi-million rand marketing campaign and kicked into play on 2 November, and has clearly been a disaster.”

OUTA said a clawback of less than R500 million per month on average for the six-month period would still put the scheme at risk.

“In our opinion, there is no way the e-toll scheme can recover from this reaction to their latest dispensation.”

“The public have spoken and accordingly they have sent a strong message to the government that they will not be coerced, intimidated, or fooled into paying these irrational e-toll taxes.”

“The time has arrived for the Minister of Transport to now step in and call off this charade. Sanral is wasting millions of tax-payers money every month on an advertising campaign that is being ignored by the public.”

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