Oscar von Memerty is an incredible South African who is taking the speaking circuit by storm… he has endured a lifetime of difference & even moments of cheating death.

At just 113cm tall… he is proving that dynamite really does come in small packages!

It just takes a few minutes of listening to him & his big personality & sense of humour completely over ride his tiny stature.

Oscar von Memerty is a 20-year-old hip hop dancer and motivational speaker. He is the son of entertainer and co-host of SA’s Got Talent, Ian von Memerty.

He also has a rare condition called Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome, which is characterised by dwarfism amongst other symptoms… a disease that only he and one other person are known to suffer from.

He has had various life saving operations over his lifetime that include an insertion of aluminium screws in his left leg, cornea transplants & 2 bone marrow transplants.

The second bone marrow transplant has stopped the worsening of his condition but he will always be a dwarf.

During his operations he also suffered a 10 minute cardiac arrest, which doctors believed would leave him brain damaged for life… luckily… they were completely wrong.


Von Memerty believes his role in life is to use the power of dance to demonstrate that perseverance & positive thinking will give you the opportunity to fulfil your potential, purpose & passion.

He performs his motivational talk/hip-hop dance routines at schools to raise money for the Rare Diseases Society of SA to help patients cover their huge medical expenses.

During his talks, Oscar tells school pupils that people with rare diseases want to be treated like everyone else.

“They’re normal.”

Oscar said his disease had rescued him from worrying about others’ opinions.

“I’m lucky; being short, I can’t try to conform.”

“If you’re worried about people’s opinions, you are trying to run their race, not yours. You are trying to hop between lives.”

He truly believes anything is possible & that is so inspiring.

 “I knew I would always be different, and I could either sulk about it or accept it & use it to my advantage.”

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  1. I wish to indicate that iam inspired by Oscar journey, I also wish to share that I also have a learner with a similar condition. I as his teacher I tried my utmost best to uplift his esteem by introducing him to art activities until we discovered that he enjoyed expressing himself through dance.until today he has become a trademark for the most popular group in the Vaal,called the city boys pansula.
    I ll appreciate any help or kind to ensure that he be exposed and supported in becoming great.

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