Damian Ristović & his football team were training at the Bryanston grounds on Monday night when armed men ambushed the team & stole all their things.

The players were quite shaken up but thanks to the professionalism & hard work of Constable Ndlovu and Constable Sepeng of the Douglasdale Police Station, they were able to catch the perpetrators & get most of the goods back.

This was the post that started going viral, the very next day:

Last night our football team was training at our grounds in Bryanston as always on Monday and Thursday evenings. Towards the end of the session our coach, captain and a few players noticed a couple of armed men jump the fence which is connected to the N1 highway – the men went straight to our players bags while loading their weapons and firing off a shot.

They stole all the bags that were on the grand stand which included phones, clothes, wallets, car keys and cash.

Thankfully in the process our coach and captain brought calmness as understandably a few players wanted justice.

Once the police came to the grounds along with a few other security companies and family members with spare keys, Jason Miguel Vicente figured we could track his phone via his gmail and so Brett Jones accompanied the police officers in this picture tracking them via his phone and after a quick chase they caught the robbers at an Engen garage in a taxi.

Most of the players belongings were retrieved barring some cash, clothes and licenses.

I believe Constable Ndlovu and Constable Sepeng of the Douglasdale police station deserve a lot of credit for their great and speedy work as being the first on the scene and being so quick to catch the armed men.

After remaining at the police station till the early hours of the morning the officers told our team “If we work together we will always win” – give credit where it’s due.

Very thankful to GOD that all our team are alive and unharmed and that justice was served.

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