Be #BREVAbrave AS BREVA™ Fine Malt Beverage turns labels into a badge of courage

Angry. Bitch. Bossy. Feminazi. Hoe. Ratchet. Slut. Tea Girl. Labels are all around us – and as women, we’ve heard them all. But labels can also make us strong and shape who we are. What if we could take our labels and turn them into a badge of courage? That’s the idea behind the #BREVAbrave campaign, which launches on October 21 2015.

Through social media, South Africans will be challenged to question the labels applied by others and claim the badges that they choose for themselves, sharing them with their followers and triggering a positive social movement.

What does this have to do with a lightly carbonated alcohol-free malt beverage available in four deliciously indulgent fruit flavours? Well, labels are important to us. It’s thanks to our distinctive label that you can find BREVA™ on the shelf.

But there’s more to it than that. BREVA™ Fine Malt Beverage was inspired by bravery, from the brand name itself to the blue crane in the logo – a symbol of valour. When the founder of BREVA™, Gladys Mawoneke, decided to enter the beverages category, she knew it would be tough. But she took the chance and today, BREVA™ is on the shelves of Pick n Pay, Checkers and Spar – a South African product competing against big international brands and corporate powerhouses. Now, as the all-important summer retail season approaches, it is time for South Africans to discover just how deliciously refreshing it is.


The purpose of the new BREVA™ #BREVAbrave campaign is to generate brand awareness, interest and relevance by triggering a conversation around the role of labels in our lives. And because sales are the benchmark against which we’re measuring the success of the campaign, we don’t just want South Africans to talk about BREVA™ – we also want them to go to their favourite supermarket and buy it.

Our vision is BREVA™ at braais, brunches, parties and get-togethers across South Africa, in the hands of people who are proud of who they are and the choices they make. All together now – raise your glasses and be #BREVAbrave.

Find BREVA in apple, passionfruit, pineapple and peach at your nearest Pick n Pay, Checkers or Spar. For any enquiries, go to, Twitter @BrevaFineMalt or

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