WD Hendricks Primary School in Factreton has a partner in positivity in the Factreton Community Development Organisation (Facdo).

The organisation, that started in June last year, is building up a reputation for making a positive difference in the community. It added to that reputation with a random act of kindness at the school.

On Thursday last week the organisation rocked up at the school with a donation of clothing for pupils.

Founder and chairperson Ricardo van Niekerk explained that the donation was only a small part of what they wanted to do in the neighbourhood.

“We want to eradicate poverty through our many outreach programmes,” he said.

“Currently we are only ten volunteers, but we are determined to make a difference in the lives of others and hope that more people will join us.”

Many projectsHe explained that the random acts of kindness in which they give food, clothing or a helping hand to those in need were only one of their projects to help others.

“We have a project where we called on a sponsor to pay for the uniforms, stationery and fees of five needy pupils,” he said.

“A big part of our activities is also working with youth and we offer computer training for them at the library.

“We also offer life skills projects in which Emile Jansen from Black Noise comes out to give motivational talks, educating pupils about our realities we face, like gangsterism, drugs, substance abuse and violence.

“Nutrition for the needy is also important, so we also host various soup kitchens in the area.”

Van Niekerk added that this was not the last project at the school.

“We hope to build up a partnership with the school to encourage and motivate the pupils to always aim to be the best.

“Now we are appealing for partners who want to be part of our projects with donations or help in any form.”

For more information about Facdo contact Van Niekerk on 060 325 8698 or facdo­7405@gmail.com.

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