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Brigitte Nicole Weber reached out to fellow Facebook group members on the I Love Fourways page to ask for donations of a school uniform and shoes for a young boy.


On the evening of Valentine’s Day Brigitte Nicole Weber was writing up a post for the Facebook Group ‘I Love Fourways’, about to ask for help from the other members who are joined to the group. Little did she know just how much help she would actually receive.

Brigitte posted asking if members had any old school uniform and shoes for a young boy named Alton. He was about to turn 6 and was in desperate need of school uniform.

“Hi ILF, I am trying to help a 6 year old boy who is in desperate need of a school uniform. He needs a pair of shoes (size 11), grey trousers and white shirts”

The group came together and managed to get Alton a school uniform, only they did better than just that, they also made sure he has uniform in bigger sizes as 6 year old’s grow quickly and he is guaranteed to outgrow his new set.

“This is already putting a smile on Alton’s face and making a huge difference in his life. Thanks for everyone’s support”

The group also collected casual clothes and two pairs of brand new takkies. Alton’s mother was so grateful, Brigitte told us that this is a huge help.

“I know where his mother works, and she doesn’t earn enough money to afford to buy him more than what he already had.”

The I Love Fourways community pulled together and changed the young boy’s life. That is exactly what community is all about. Brigitte sent us a picture of Alton in his new uniform, he is very happy!

Facebook Group

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