Megan Carrie never knew that a Facebook post about an accountant working as a petrol attendant would shake a nation by revealing the true state of South Africa.


Megan wrote the post about Henry Masi last Friday titled “Break my heart for what breaks Yours” which has been shared all over social media sparking the good side of South Africa again.

Read the original post here.

When contacting Megan, she was incredibly excited at the prospect that Henry & his daughters life had a chance of turning around.

“Really don’t want to be highlighted in all of this, more so wanting Henry’s story to push past anything. I’m simply the vehicle and feel privileged to be part of changing his life, as should everyone who has contributed.”

South Africans are inherently good & we all want to do good. The state of the nation & the truth is that our country is in crisis with economy, politics & jobs but we’re in this together & the only way we’ll get through this… is together.

Megan made a simple request… if 1000 people all gave R35, Henry would be able to pay off his loan.

Since the original post, donations have been pouring in & as of this morning R71 000 has already been raised.

Megan has been inundated with support from South Africa & all over the world… ex-pats were even making donations from the UK & America.

“£5 sent via PayPal (Not sure what the exchange rate is currently), my cousin in SA shared this and after reading it I couldn’t not help!” Jessica Robinson

“I’d like to help all the way from the USA. Those who can afford to help out with more than R35, please consider it. It will help even faster. I’m gonna help with more than R35.” – Yen Min

Henry has also had more than 5 serious job offers, people have been posting online & contacting him directly offering him various positions.

“South Afri-CAN… please inbox me whatever details you have… my husband is a CA with his own business… an Auditing Firm… we might be able to help Henry with a position to complete his ‘Articles’… we have been able to help someone in the same position before and Harrison is still with the Firm to this day… 10 years down the line” – Charm Laubscher

His plan is to study further while working… Henry is aiming to get his Masters in Finance while he works so he’s focusing on online course with Unisa, which he is wanting to fund by himself.


Megan met with Henry last night to share all the good news with him. She chatted to him about the job offers, the future studies & what they should do with the funds… offering to get a financial advisor on board to assist him with decisions.

Henry went quiet at this point & humbly stated that he wanted to only use what was needed to pay off his loan & then pay-it-forward to someone else in need.

“I’d like to give the remaining funds to someone else who’s in my position, I don’t need anymore than that.”

Megan was blown away… she had been right about this incredible man.

“And at that point I started crying. He honestly has not expected one thing out of this. And that makes this story so much more powerful than it already is.”

Megan not only helped someone by doing a small act of kindness, she has also made a friend & together they have some awesome plans for the future to help others.

We will be bringing you all the updates as they happen.

Henry’s story is one of hope for all South Africans & as much as he inspired one person, he has also inspired a nation. Remember that you have the power to make a difference in someone else’s life.

How do we change the world? One small act of a kindness at a time.

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  1. WOW! It just goes to show how many wonderful people are out there willing to help!
    I work as a volunteer at a Care Center in a very poor area in Kwazulu Natal and see this type of thing all the time! There are so many that are battling, living from hand to mouth and need a little help to get further in life!
    Megan… You are a herione in my eyes for caring about others! KUDOS to you!

  2. Please lets start a whole campaign like Henry Masi’s…the number of students like this is astounding – they have finished their degrees but can’t get a certificate without paying of huge fees. Rather than funding new students, lets support students who are finished or nearly finished their studies and huge debts stop them from graduating.

    Last year I worked with Emerance, a Rwandan Nursing student in Cape Town who has finished her degree and yet owes R40 000 as she became a single parent in the middle of her studies. She still got excellent marks despite difficult circumstances! Emerance still needs funds to get her certificate.

    Great Initiative

  3. Wow well done Megan. South Africa needs more ppl like you.As a Personal Financial Adviser id be honoured to assist Henry, Megan this is what we call Ubuntu.Henry you are such an inspiration,Viva Megan n Henry.. M inspired to do more for our communities.Ngiyabonga

  4. I work with many staff whom have degrees and certificates but due to experience requirements to get in their field of studies they hav no option but to settle for less. So finishing degrees and diplomas are useless if employers only employ those with experience. Employers need to give people their break in life and the opportunity to show their potential.

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